The pleasures of hot tub can be enjoyed at any time of the year and by people of all ages. The hot tub (1600L) can comfortably accommodate 8 people. Heating takes about 3-4 hours (depending on the season). The hot tub is insulated, which ensures faster heating and – most importantly – slower cooling of water. If your vehicle is equipped with a trailer hook, it is possible to transport the hot tub with a personal vehicle – the hot tub is registered as a light trailer and B-category driving license is sufficient to transport it. The hot tub is light in weight. In places where the vehicle and the hot tub do not fit at the same time, the tub can be easily rolled by hand.


  • Period 1.9.-31.5. 50€ / 24h
  • Period 1.6-31.08. 70€ / 24h
  • Period 23.-24.6. and 31.12. 100€ / 24h
  • We are ready to provide firewood and transportation.
  • Firewood 40L / 5€
  • Cleaning of hot tub 25€
  • Transportation in Hiiumaa = depending on the distance, ask for price offer!
  • No deposit!

User Manual


  1. Find a flat and stronger ground where you plan to install the hot tub. Note that it is not possible to move the water-filled tub.
  2. Place four carrier blocks under the support posts.
  3. By using the front support wheel, slightly lower the front side of the trailer and attach the back support posts to the square-shaped support blocks.
  4. By using the front support wheel, raise the front side of the trailer and attach the front support posts to the support blocks.
  5. When the trailer is located firmly on the support posts, ensure that the trailer is levelled and raise the front support wheel to the upper position. If there is a small gap (1-2 cm) between some support posts and support blocks, do not worry – the weight of water itself will push the support post against the support block.
  6. Connect two chimney pipes, install the heat shield around the lower pipe and raise the chimney to the oven.
  7. Ensure that the water tap next to the oven is closed.
  8. Remove the thermal cover (clamp code „00“). Sitting, standing or walking on the cover is not allowed!
  9. Fill the hot tub with fresh water (preferably up to 10cm from the edge of tub).
  10. Fully or partially water-filled tub must not be transported.
  11. NB! Heating can be started only when the end of upper tub coming out of the oven is under water.
  12. Depending on the water temperature, it takes about 3-4 hours to heat the tub and 2-3 packages of 40L firewood. In order to speed up the heating process, we recommend using dry firewood and the supplied thermal cover.
  13. While heating the tub, occasionally mix the water with the supplied paddle and measure the temperature. According to the feedback from clients, the preferred water temperature during cooler weather is 35-38 degrees. In a tub with water temperature of 39-40 degrees people are usually unable to stay for long. During hot weather, many of our clients have used the tub for cooling purposes and have limited the water temperature to about 20 degrees.


  1. When you have finished using the hot tub and fire is gone in the oven, you can start draining the water.
  2. During winter when the air temperature can fall below 0 degrees, it is necessary to check that water in the hot tub and oven does not freeze. In order to prevent freezing, drain the water immediately after using the hot tub.
  3. Clean the used tools and place them in the back locker of the trailer.
  4. The hot tub can be washed with a pressure washer and a soft sponge or cloth. The use of sharp objects and chemicals for cleaning the tub is prohibited!
  5. Place the thermal cover on the tub by using all four clamps and fasten the driving belts.
  6. Before transporting, ensure that the support posts are raised and the trailer is correctly hooked to the vehicle.